Do This 5 Things Consciously to Be An Ethical Consumer in 2019

This year make up your mind to be an ethical consumer, be concerned about the moral implication of your buying behaviour. It only takes a will to
make a difference in your community and the entire world.
Always remember that every time you make a purchase, you are voting with your money.
Do this five things consciously

1 Buy Locally Made Goods – For those of you in Nigeria, “buy Naija to grow Naija.” Doing this will help reduce your carbon footprint. For example, consider buying vegetables from a farmers market, where locally grown products are sold.

2 Buy Quality over Quantity – Research have shown that we only use 20% of the clothes we have regularly. It will definitely be an ethical practice to purchase quality items you can use over a long period of time, though it may cost more up front, but over time, you will save money and the earth.

3 Carry Your Own Reusable Shopping Bag – It may be convenient to accept a single use plastic bag for your purchase but this plastic bags are not biodegradable, it is estimated that it takes up to a 1000 years for it to decompose. A willful act of carrying your own reusable bag when going shopping will be helping save our environment.

4 Buy Only What You Need – We’re probably all guilty of impulse buying from time to time or of buying things we want as opposed to only those things that we actually need. It is important to have a second thought when making a purchase. With the rate at which our waste is growing curbing our consumption is becoming more crucial.

5 Dispose Your Waste Properly – Always think before you toss. Do not throw waste improperly especially when you are on transit. Also look out for opportunities to make donations and find recycling centres close to you where you can send your waste material and possibly get a cash incentives.

Have a green year!


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