Green Tip: Invest in Reusable Promotional Items



The festive season is here again and so it’s that time of the year to show appreciation to clients or maybe you are planning on promoting your business.


I will tell you from experience, that one of the best things you can do for your business, is to use long lasting reusable items for your promotional activities. You may say, “it will be more expensive oh, at least let me just give out something than not even give at all.”


I will say a big NO! because that’s not being resourceful. You are not being sustainable, why do businesses advertise, is it not to gain more clients and also keep your brand in the mind of your existing customers?


I have once received a promotional item and I was like “what is this?” Maybe you have too.

I’m also sure you have had customers say ” I still use that gift you sent me last year, thanks again.”


If you didn’t know, at least you will gain knowledge today. What your reusable promotional item does, is that it keeps your brand fresh in the mind of your customers and subconsciously you become their go to person  for such products or services.


Also, as long as they will continue to use it, more people are likely to see it and ask questions and then buy from you, which is what you want to achieve. It may be one year down the line but your investment will still be paying off which is an additional benefit to your business in the long run.


Just imagine,your promotional item was short lived or didn’t even get home with the customer. Wasn’t that a bad investment for your business?


I need not say, you are also minimizing the carbon footprint of your business because you are eliminating wastage, which the environment will thank you for. 


I hope this was helpful? Let me know your thought in the comment section.


Have a productive week!


Yours Sustainable Business Expert.






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